The EU creates a digital gateway «Your Europe» to provide citizens and businesses with information, assistance and online dispute resolution (ODR)

The Regulation (EU) 2018/1724 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 2 October 2018 establishing a single digital gateway to provide access to information, to procedures and to assistance and problem-solving services and amending Regulation (EU) No 1024/2012Text with EEA relevance aims at offering citizens and businesses easy access to information, procedures, and assistance and problem-solving services that they need in order to exercise their rights providing transparency of rules and regulations in areas such as travel, retirement, education, employment, healthcare, consumer rights and family rights. It establishes a user-friendly, interactive gateway that guide them to the most appropriate services. 

In practice it is a technical system consisting of a single digital gateway that serves as single entry point for the automated cross-border exchange of evidences in online procedures that in its own way reminds us of the EU-ODR Consumer Platform.

The Commission, in collaboration with Member States, is setting up this technical system for the automated exchange of evidence between competent authorities of Member States (‘technical system’). It is also desired that citizens and businesses of the European Union can access information online and in their own language, be familiar with the rules and systems of other member countries and thus reduce obstacles in the internal market, completing integrally online procedures that allow them to comply with national regulations and offering assistance when the rules and procedures are not sufficiently clear or when they find obstacles to the exercise of their rights.

The gateway simplifies as well the contact of citizens and companies, facilitating access to online procedures and ensuring compliance.

The gateway shall give access to:

(a)Information on rights, obligations and rules laid down in Union and national law that are applicable to users exercising or intending to exercise their rights derived from Union law in the field of the internal market in the areas listed in Annex I (travel, work, retirement, vehicles, residence, education or traineeship, healthcare,citizens, family, consumers, protection of data, starting, running and closing a business, employees, taxes, goods, services, funding, public contracts, Health and safety at work)
(b)Information on online and offline procedures and links to online procedures, including procedures covered by Annex II (residence, birth, working, studying, moving, retiring, starting, running and closing a business ) established at Union or national level in order to enable users to exercise the rights and to comply with the obligations.
(c)Information on, and links to, the assistance and problem-solving services listed in Annex III ( list of the assistance and problem-solving services )  which citizens and businesses can refer to if they have questions or problems related to the rights, obligations, rules or procedures.

3.   The common user interface shall be accessible in all official languages of the Union. Furthermore, each Member State shall ensure that users can access and complete any of the procedures for residence, birth, working, studying, moving, retiring, starting, running and closing a business fully online.

See full text here:

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